Value of teaching kids to do chores with reward charts

Chores are critically essential for young children these days. It has both psychological and physiological advantages. It keeps the kids busy and also helps them in building their physical muscles. This technique has influence on kid’s mental strength when he grows up. The ability of having positive temperament and mental sustenance is developed at young age. Doctors believe that the mental grooming before the age of 5 plays pivotal role in future of the kid. Once this age is passed, the brain is difficult to alter.

Parents can help their children develop into young and responsible adults by giving them chores to do around the house. There is a long list of activities that they can perform. When the child helps around the house, they feel like they are a part of the family in sharing the overall workload. Chores can be given to the child at the young age of 4. As time goes by, more harder and complicated chores may be given. Certain books and online learning material can also help in applying useful chores and activities and help children in their learning.

Young children can be given simple tasks for example picking up after themselves. Such tasks would help the child learn that what he/she needs to clean up after him/her. The child will then start to feel responsible for his actions and not make a mess if he knows he has to clean it afterwards. A parent could start this training my telling the child to pick up his toys after he is done playing with them, by putting his plate in the sink after eating, or even by making his bed every morning. Such activities are not only educating for the kid but entertaining for the adults. It’s a perfect doze to kill boredom.

Young children respond really well to the sticker chart or reward charts system. Since younger children can’t read yet, they are really amused by stickers. These stickers would really motivate the younger children to complete their chores. These stickers could be shaped in the form of the chore that is needed to be completed. A chart could be made for each individual child stating the days of the week. This chart would also act as a reminder for the preschooler to complete his/her chores. An extra sticker could be given to the child who completes all their chores for that week. A child who is lagging in completing his/her chores might need some other form of reward as motivation.

Motivational and inspirational tactics are essential Ingredients of young age. These are best to overcome depressive thoughts in the mind of the kid. The behavior charts from Monkey and Chops will statistically help the parents to review the progress of their young ones. Charts are also useful to tell which activity is more efficient for the kid and which is less effective. All this number chart system will definitely become a sort of game. Once you start it you will get involved and eager to know the statistic result of your child.

As the age of the child increases, so should their responsibility with chores. When the child starts attending school, he/she should make it a routine to place their shoes, uniforms, and back pack in their proper locations. During this phase, the parents should not expect perfection right away. Every beginning needs time to reach perfection. Each new chore should be explained to the child in a step-by-step format. The child should be praised at all times for his efforts and encouraged to continue practicing when needed. You will notice a time will come when your kid will start following the instructions almost perfectly. And that day will not be far that you will be proud of your child.

The age around 4-7 is the age which acts as a base for the life to come. If this base is strong it would result in a better foundation. If the base is weak, it will result in further personality deteriorations. It is always good to indulge your child into healthy activities. If not, he might get involved in negative approaches of life, which you not be proud of. Children are blessings of God. We should protect this blessing and should try to purify it using effective chore sessions. Its results will be clearly evident in the near future of your child.