Colorbond Roofing – Why It Is So Practical

Colorbond is the name of a coated steel product that has high strength steel and upgraded on both sides with factory applied paint, with a final finish coat on one side. Often homes need a colorbond roof replacement by to restore old run down roofing. Below are listed all the advantages of replacing your current roofing with Colorbond.

Advantages of Colorbond roofing:

> A roof that has colorbond is the best option for the collection of roof water in a tank to be used for household use. This is because it does not have a level of absorbency, and does not retain dirt and dust which can end up being washed off into the water tank
> Colorbond gives a modern stylish look and clean lines
> This roof is lightweight and this regardless of whether it is wet or dry. It remains lightweight whether it is wet or dry because when wet, it does not absorb water before it runs off. Because of the lightweight, the roof framing is much lighter
> The products in colorbond roofs, make it a pest-proof roof
> Colorbond roofs have a solar reflectance technology which reflects more of the sun’s heat and therefore allows roofs and homes to remain cool in summer. This manages the levels of comfort in the homes. The heating and cooling costs can be reduced because it is it is thermally efficient especially when properly insulated. Your house will therefore stay warmer during winter and cooler in summer

roof slats

> The roof is usually fast and easy to install. This is because of the product’s lightweight nature. This will therefore reduce the time and costs of the construction. It is also easy to transport and safe to handle during installation
> There is a large range of colors to choose from depending on the customer’s preferences, the style of the house and the local landscape
> Because colorbond is strong and lightweight, it is one of the most flexible building materials available. Roofs that are made from colorbond can fit a wide range of home designs like traditional, curved, contemporary and gable
> The strength and durability of colorbond roofs offers security against heavy storms and hail
> Colorbond is made from steel which happens to be one of the most recycled materials. The steel structures can be recycled, dismantled and used again in new buildings
> The roofs made of colorbond are backed by warranties
> The roof has a high resistant to heat and is therefore a good choice for homes that are built in fire prone areas
> For customers who desire a flat roof, colorbond can be used because it can be installed as low as one degree pitch
> It is a cheap roof because it needs less wood to hold up the roof
> Due to it’s durability, it will resist peeling, chipping and cracking and will therefore deliver a long life performance that will have low maintenance. This durability makes it better than other roofing materials as it does not leak
However, the color bond roofs have the following disadvantages:
> The roofing is noisy when it rains, but this can be reduced by an acoustic blanket placed below the roofing
> Once the roofing is fixed, it will not be possible to penetrate the roof when installing an air conditioner unless the roofing contractor or air conditioner installer cuts an opening on the color bond sheets
Finally, colorbond roofing can be used in cases of re-roofing for all types of residential and commercial properties as well as renovations. They are a good replacement for your old and tired tiles and for slate roofing. They are very suitable for any of your roofing needs.